Flannel you say.

Family Water Fight ! Its even the rest of the yet LOL! Too bad some people missed out !

Your touch, your skin where do I begin.

Hello, good evening.

Happy birthday to this Young Padawan Thug, JORACHI! Cherish everything, enjoy your life, be happy and stay safe little one. You grew up so fast but keep growing. #theteam

Thanks… @cbryllez & @crvzr.j for nominating me for the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I now nominate @kristina_hudsonnn @kiera_yasmeen @whatupkells @britt_cinvina @kjeromee @jermaene @neilrobles & Christina Nguyen ! You have 24hours !

I finally get to take the class of one my inspirations/friend in dance, for the first time. I was challenged to push and meet my expectations but most of all I had fun learning and growing. Thanks Paulo.

Said if you got no plans, baby if you got time, come and be the rest of my life.

Night Fury. #kendama

Look to where finger is pointing, top corner. #tbt #season1 #theTEAM

#tbt Stomp.

Plants x Kendama x Tribal Chameleon wood burn made by yours truly.

Day Owl. Lol #ilovetrees #kendama

PC: @whatupkells

Use your sight to read what’s inside the picture. :)

Message me or the other team members for more info. #theteamto